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Language Schools

Experts believe that the best way of learning a new language is to be surrounded by it, and that’s what New Zealand and Australia provide. New Zealand and Australia’s education systems are British-based and consistently rank amongst the best in the world. Both are native English-speaking countries, are politically stable and offer an excellent quality of life, which makes them great destinations for studying English.

Australia is well known as a culturally diverse, modern nation with a thirst of knowledge and research. New Zealand is world famous for its safety, spectacular natural beauty and warm, friendly people. In both countries, living costs and tuition fees are considerably lower than they are in many other countries.

Language schools offer you an engaging and dynamic learning environment. Their courses are often flexible and their range may vary from provider to provider. Many schools have part-time, full-time and one-to-one options and some schools might have a stronger academic focus or pathways to university study.

With KIWIZONE, you get to pick from the best English language schools in New Zealand and Australia. Our relationships with these education providers will help you get the best value for your money.

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