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Did you know that Australian and New Zealand universities are recognised as world leaders in a huge range of subject areas, including sport science, medicine, physiotherapy, geology, physical geography, social work, environmental science and marine studies? So if you are thinking of a career in one of these areas, getting your degree in Australia or New Zealand could be the best possible start.

Both countries have several world-ranked universities, offering exceptional quality of tertiary education for their students. With renowned lecturers and tutors, you can get internationally recognized degrees and broaden your horizons. Apart from being based on the British model and having consistently high rankings, Australian and New Zealand universities are research-led which makes their degrees sought after by governments and businesses worldwide.

You will find a vibrant student culture in New Zealand and Australian universities, along with a dedication to academic excellence. Both countries are also culturally diverse, which means lecturers, tutors and fellow students will be comfortable interacting with people from overseas – you may even find a community of students from your own country already established. This friendly, inclusive environment will help you settle in faster, so you can make the most of your student years.

Both countries offer good graduate job prospects which means you can stay after finishing your degree and work. There are various work visa options after graduating in New Zealand and Australia.

We at KIWIZONE understand that a university degree can be a sizeable investment. Our direct links with the best universities in New Zealand and Australia will ensure you get the most value out of your study.

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