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It’s that time of year every student loves – lectures are drawing to an end, end of year break is just around the corner, and final examination is that one last hurdle before the SUMMER BREAK is here!


Not too long ago I too relished the summer holidays. You are actually able to take a break from studies during the summer, and not like the pseudo “breaks” that are mid-semester breaks, where you still have assignments to hand in and papers to do. Summer break is great because you actually get a break, we will all agree that that is very important!

So, what are your plans for this summer? Will you be relaxing, hitting the beach and taking in the sun, or are you going to have a super production summer, to prep for the next year? Or, maybe you just have not thought about it at all? If that were the case, then you’d find this blog a welcomed read.

With the all-important summer break being just a month away, if you have not mapped out what you will be occupying your time with yet, here are a few of our top suggestions, to make the most of your summer!

#1. Travel/Road trip


Nothing opens your mind and broadens your horizons like travelling. And if you have the funds and time to do so, why not travel? Go spend some time in a new country, be immersed in a different culture, eat and drink like a local, and really absorb all which that place has to offer. Decide how you like to travel – comfort, or budget, fast paced or at your own pace, an adventure or a relaxing getaway? And personally, we think going to a new place is what travelling is all about!

Can’t afford to travel too far but still want to move around? No worries. A road trip closer to home may do the trick. New Zealand is an amazing country in its own right so there are a lot of great travels to be had here. Gather your group of close mates and just hit the road – the more the merrier, and it’ll be cheaper too, since you’ll be sharing the cost of the road trip.

#2. Beach it

A true New Zealand summer always has the beach in the formula. And we have some pretty beautiful beaches, too. You can have a low-key and equally fun and enjoyable summer filled with frequent trips to the beach, firing up the barbie (bbq), and a fantastic summer playlist – no summer is more “kiwi” than this!

But don’t forget are your “SunSmarts” – slip, slop, slap, and wrap up! Yes, a tan is a great testament of a well spent summer, but you do not want to get too overdone by the sun, so look after your skin when out and about.

While we are still at the beach, how about take up a new skill? Perhaps learn how to surf? Kayaking or paddle boarding, maybe? How about some snorkeling? You will have more than enough time to make it your summer project to learn a new water sport, if you are that way inclined. And if you are, why not? You get to show and tell of your newfound skills to your friends – it’s a win-win situation.

#3. Deals! Deals! Deals!

Chocolate buying at Bohemian Chocolates, Featerston Street, Wellington, New Zealand

A cherished part of being a student is that you can access so many deals reserved just for you! Student deals are everywhere these days and thank goodness for that, too. We all know living on a student’s budget can be challenging, even during the summer holidays – especially during the summer holidays in fact, when nothing gets cheaper and yet you always end up spending more! So student discounts is your best friend. It just starts with your handy little student ID card, so carry it everywhere with you!

Have a look at StudentCard –, home to a large range of student discounts and deals for almost everything you’ll want and need as a student! You could probably plan your entire summer holiday around these deals, if you try hard enough!

Movies – most movie theaters offer student priced movie tickets, either during certain times of the days, or all day everyday! You’ll just need to ensure you always have your student ID with you, and you’re good to get stuck in to a good flick whenever you feel like it.

Always enquire about student offers at any retail store, or eatery, as chances are they will have some kind of offer available for students.

It also pays to check with your university, or polytechnic’s student service center because a lot of tertiary institutes will have some kind of voucher booklet of student deals, or more information on where to locate student discounts

#4. Make some money


If it is a productive summer you’re after, then one of the best ways to do that is to find a holiday job. Whether it be a full time or part time summer job, if it pays you and helps you gain working experience, go for it! It could be a great opportunity for you to learn the ropes in a new working environment, meet some new people, make new friends and gain some valuable working skills.

#5. Gain some working experience

a student with eyeglasses working in his office

Another productive way to put your summer break to good use is to get some professional working experience under your belt. This is not just getting any holiday job that come your way, but more of a career orientated move, looking for positions which you are particular interested in and want to gain a foothold in before you graduate. This can be in the form of a summer internship (which in New Zealand often means unpaid and voluntary work), a co-operative placement through your tertiary institute, or a paid position. An internship with a company you aspire to work for is a great way to set yourself up as a potential future candidate for a role within that organization. You really get to prove yourself in those few months of the internship, and these are the months that can really make a difference in establishing your career path. Meet the key players in the company and network your way to success – the kind of connections you can make could be invaluable to your future endeavors!

Happy summer planning everyone!


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