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Kia Ora! That’s Maori for hello! If you are new to the country, we bid you a very warm and friendly welcome – especially during these very chilly winter months!

New Zealand is a very unique country. Not only in the sense of our “Kiwiana” (iconic New Zealand heritage) but also in the sense of our unique location. We are the most isolated temperate (4 seasons) country in the world. Our unique location, and yet strong connection to the global community means we get the best of both worlds – bustling, modern cities, and stunning and virtually untouched natural environments – in our opinion, it’s a great country to start a new chapter of your life.

Are you completely new to this beautiful country?

Must-know facts


Our Kiwiana

Kiwiana is a word coined in the 1950s to signify iconic Kiwi elements, they are the quirky things that contribute to a sense of nationhood. Things like Marmite, the silver fern, Weet-Bix, Buzzy Bee, jandal and pavlova are just a few of the iconis things that make us uniquely “Kiwi”.

Living and Studying in New Zealand

If you have chosen to come here to study, than you have a made a great choice! We have world-class universities, and tertiary and language institutes. New Zealand also has the right balance of social, economical, and educational standards, making it easy to achieve a great lifestyle balance, where you can work hard and play hard also. And when you are far away from your home country, having balance in the new life you’re now adapting to is very important!

Happy group of students sitting at the park talking

Happy group of students sitting at the park talking

If you love food, wine and drinks, then you will find New Zealand not only pleasing to the eye, but also to your taste buds. The culinary scene is booming, with practically every cuisine under the sun, you name it, we have it. The local seafood is amongst some of the best in the world, and there are a few wine regions that are famous worldwide.

We are world famous!

In 2014, an international think-tank for social (The Social Progress Imperative) had ranked New Zealand #1 as the world’s most socially progressive country, out of 130 countries. And this year, Auckland was ranked #3 for best quality of life, and Wellington at #12, out of 230 cities from all over the world – not bad at all for a little humble country nestled in the bottom of the Southern Hemisphere!

What does it mean to be socially progressive? Being socially progressive means that the country as a whole values basic human rights, personal rights and freedoms, works hard to tackle poverty, makes it possible for everyone to improve their quality of life and does not limit opportunities for it’s citizens. So, good job, New Zealand!


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