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Academic Colleges Group

Academic Colleges Group (ACG) is an association of world-class educational institutions offering instruction from kindergarten to university. The first ACG school was opened in 1995.

Accreditations, ranking and awards

ACG is a leading non-governmental association of educational institutions. It is also the only New Zealand member of a multinational schools group.


ACG includes ten schools in the three countries. Institutions in New Zealand are located in different parts of Auckland.

In New Zealand there are:

  • ACG Strathallan (kindergarten from three to five years, primary school and college)
  • ACG Parnell College (grades 1-13)
  • ACG Senior College (grades 11-13)
  • ACG Sunderland (kindergarten, grades 1-13)

Student numbers

The total school association has about 5,000 students, including people from 40 countries.

School curriculum

There are numerous educational programmes, from pre-school to preparation for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). With these results, you can go to university in more than 150 countries.

Additional courses

ACG also offers students intensive and academic English courses to prepare for IELTS.

Intensive English for NCEA Level 2: This course is designed for foreign students who have completed high school, but must confirm their knowledge of the English language.

Tuition fees

  • Intensive Academic English and preparation for the IELTS (24 hours per week) – NZ$395 per week. Course duration can range from 1 to 30 weeks.
  • Intensive English for NCEA Level 2 – NZ$2500 not including the registration fee (6 weeks).
  • Preparatory Programme for the University of Auckland – from NZ$22,000 to $33,000 depending on the duration.
  • Preparatory Programme for Auckland University of Technology – from NZ$16,000 to $24,000 depending on the duration.

Education in basic schools academic programmes:

  • ACG Strathallan – NZ$18,400 to $22,000 per year.
  • ACG Parnell College – NZ$18,600 to $23,000 NZD per year.
  • ACG Senior College – NZ $23,000 to $24,000 NZD per year.
  • ACG Sunderland – NZ$18,000 to $21,000 NZD per year

Admission requirements

Anyone who pays the tuition may enrol.

Accommodation options

ACG students under 18 years at the time of enrolment must live with families, or in student dormitories or apartments approved by ACG. The cost of living with ACG families for students under 18 – NZ$275 per week, and for students aged 18 and over – NZ$260 per week. There is a one-time registration fee of NZ$300.

The cost of living in student apartments: a single room costs from NZ$200 to $250 per week, plus a one-time fee for bedding (NZ$120), and NZ$500-$900 for insurance, which is refundable if a student does not cause damage to school property during study.

Additional services

Students can use both public transport and ACG school buses.

Interesting facts

In all ACG schools except Senior College, students wear standard school uniforms.


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