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The Corelli Academic School of Arts

The Corelli Academic School of Arts was established in 2001 by David and Kёrsten Self, who are still the permanent directors of the school.

Accreditations, ranking and awards

Corelli School is a top-level certified Cambridge examination centre (certificate № NZ058). Corelli credits and diplomas are accepted in tertiary institutions in more than 150 countries worldwide. Corelli School is accredited by the Ministry of Education New Zealand (№ NZ 1640).


Corelli School is in Browns Bay, Auckland, near the library, beach, sports complex and tennis courts. Students can use them for study (e.g. physical education), and in their spare time.

School curriculum

Corelli School is a classical secondary school, where students study music, art, dancing or acting, along with general education courses. In grades 12-13 (age 16-18), students specialise in their chosen art form, including performance, assignments and research.

In general subjects high school students study the Cambridge curricula. This offers the best results in the entrance exams to universities that work on the same program.

All graduates receive a standard International Certificate of Secondary General Education (IGCSE), and particularly distinguished AS or A certificates in traditional school subjects.

Successful performance students are awarded an international certificate of mastery in vocals, choreography, or acting skills.

Duration of studies

Studies take from 1 to 13 years depending on the year of enrolment. There are also short courses.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for international students are set according to level:

  • Grades 1-6 – NZ$19,000 per year
  • Grades 7-9 – NZ$22,000 per year
  • Grades 10-13 class – NZ$26,000 per year

Additional Fees:

  • Application fee: NZ$75 (non-refundable)
  • Registration fee: NZ$650 (non-refundable)
  • Insurance against damage to school property (refundable): NZ$1,500
  • Annual contribution to school development : NZ$250
  • Contribution for supplies: NZ$65 per quarter

Admission requirements

All students are required to wear uniforms.

Accommodation options

Accommodation is not on campus, and for all foreign students under age 18 who study at the School of Corelli unaccompanied by parents or guardians, home stay is mandatory.

Additional services

The school has all necessary equipment, including a modern scientific laboratory, classrooms, lectures halls, rooms for individual sessions, classrooms for music lessons, mirrored halls for dance lessons and exercise, and much more. Also there is a school theatre with a 200 seat capacity.

Interesting facts

Applicants can have a guided tour of the school, and the opportunity to spend one day in it for free, to meet students and teachers.


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