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You get the best price for your study through the relationships we have built with Australia’s top education providers. Our service is free, so you avoid paying any extra fees too – you just get a great quality education at the best price.

Expert advice

Get the best advice from certified experts in international study – we will make sure you choose the right school to help you meet your goals. We have a deep understanding of all the leading schools, universities, and polytechnics in Australia so we can help you find your perfect match.


We will arrange accommodation before you come yo Australia and provide options to suit your budget.

Student Support

We will help you explore Australia and understand how to get the most out your time. We will help make it your home away from home


Quality education from Australia’s top language schools.

You get to pick from amongst the best language schools in Australia. Our relationships with these education providers will make sure you get the best price for your study.

Australia Language Schools are immersive environments for students to learn and practise speaking other languages. Content will vary from provider to provider, and some will have a stronger theory element.

An English-speaking country, Australia is very culturally diverse, making it an ideal place to learn and practise with native speakers – both in class and in your day. You’ll find Australiaers to be welcoming and patient as you build on your language skills.

School Education

Get a quality education from top schools in Australia.

Make sure your children get a top quality education – Australia has a world-class, modern education system. Our schools are diverse and friendly, so your child has every chance to succeed.

With Kiwizone, you’ll be picking from amongst the best schools in Australia. Our relationships with these education providers will also mean you pay less.

Australia schools are usually broken up into two separate stages: Primary (age 5 – 13) and Secondary (age 13 – 18). Students may then choose to go to university or polytechnic for tertiary study.

With a tradition of well-rounded education, your child will be taken through a curriculum of academic learning, along with arts and physical education. Australian schools rank well internationally, and generally have inclusive, positive learning environments. The country’s cultural diversity means Australian and teachers are well used to interacting with people from all over the world, making it easy for your child to settle in.


Hands-on learning.

Polytechnics in Australia are an increasingly popular alternative to universities. They promote a more hands-on learning experience, with less focus on theory-based learning.

This hands-on approach also means polytechnics are generally well-connected to local industry. Tutors and lecturers are often still working at the forefront of their profession, meaning you get up-to-date and industry-relevant training. This is why many Australian polytechnics have a high rate of employment for their graduates.

You’ll find the right institute from amongst our education providers – they represent some of the best polytechnics in Australia. By working with Kiwizone, you’ll also pay less for your course.


Get a quality education from top universities in Australia.

Australia has several world-ranked universities, offering exceptional quality in tertiary education for their students. With renowned lecturers and tutors, you can get internationally-recognised degrees in engineering, medical studies, arts, and more.

We work with only the best universities in Australia. Our relationships with these education providers will also mean you’ll pay less than approaching them directly.

You’ll find a vibrant student culture in Australian universities, along with a dedication to academic excellence. The country is also culturally diverse, which means lecturers, tutors, and fellow students will be comfortable interacting with people from overseas – you may even find a community of students from your own country already established. This friendly, inclusive environment will help you settle in faster, so you can make the most of your studies.

Why Australia?

Discover the world of opportunities in Studying in Australia, the third most popular study destination for international students, behind the United Stated and the UK. It offers the same high standard of world-class international education, but considerably lower tuition and living costs. Australian education is internationally recognised as innovative, modern and practical offering a wide variety of courses and degrees and opening job opportunities around the world.

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