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Mila, Russia Russia

Mila New Zealand Testimonial

In the end of 2015, when I started searching for the right place to study the profession of my dream, animation, KIWIZONE helped me to enter the best school of animation in Pacific Asia – Media Design School. Here I applied for the program Bachelor of Art&Design: 3D Animation.

The school showed me the professional side of animation industry and effectively prepared me for my future job. Lecturers from all over the world and the art atmosphere of MDS inspired me to go there everyday and create, create, create! Currently I am half-way through the first year, excited about learning new techniques and amazed by the beauty of New Zealand, of course!

Thank you KIWIZONE for finding the right place and helping me with my Student Visa! I will

Sophie, New Zealand New Zealand

Sophie - New Zealand - TestimonialI studied for 5 years at the University of Auckland, graduating with a Masters in Philosophy in 2010. I loved studying at the University of Auckland. The lecturers were engaging and inspiring and I made life-long friends in my classes and the various clubs the university has to offer. I took up white water kayaking (thanks to the Auckland University Canoe Club) and spent most of my free time adventuring into the spectacular New Zealand wilderness.

In my graduate years I shared my passion for learning by teaching undergraduate classes and spent many afternoons having engaging philosophical debates over a beer or two with my fellow graduate students.

When I was in my second year of university I studied abroad for a semester in the UK. I had the most amazing experience and would highly recommend studying abroad. The memories and friends you make in New Zealand will last a life time.

Alisa, Russia Russia

Alisa, Russia - KIWIZONE TestimonialIn the mid of 2014, I decided to go to university for improving and extending my knowledge in computing. KIWIZONE helped me choose the right university which is Unitec and I applied for Graduate Diploma in Computing program.

Thanks to KIWIZONE , the process of applying for a student visa was done professionally, quickly and without any issues. I got the desired visa just in 2 weeks. I’m also very thankful to KIWI ZONE for advising this university, indeed Unitec has a good reputation and also not least an affordable price. I’ve been enjoying my studying there for almost 1 year and the last semester is going to be end soon.

If I decide to get further degree, I will likely go to uni again and definitely ask KIWIZONE for help.

Victoria, Russia Russia

Victoria I used KIWIZONE services in 2008 when I decided to go to New Zealand to learn English.

I was studying in Languages International English school that is located in the heart of Auckland next to the beautiful Albert Park. I was doing “English for University” course to get myself ready for studying in Auckland University of Technology. Everything went just wonderful!

Thank you KIWIZONE for all your help and support with selecting the right English school, the Uni and accommodation for me and also thank you so much for your fast and smooth help with all my visas! I really enjoyed the experience.

Currently I live in Auckland and work in Digital Marketing industry and enjoying New Zealand :)

Simone, Germany Germany

Hello everyone!

It is a pity that my 2 weeks language course at the Worldwide School of English is over. The time passed pretty fast, but I learned many important things and improved my English skills.

The average age at my class was 22. But it does not matter how old you are because everybody has the same goal, which is to improve the language skills and to make new friends. The well qualified teachers were motivated and offered everyday other activities after school. The highlight for me was, that I met people from all over the world.

Thanks KIWIZONE! I had a lovely time at the Worldwide School of English in Auckland.

Christine, Fiji Fiji

ChristineI arrived in Auckland in 2006 as an international student from Fiji, and enrolled in a Bachelor Degree in Communications, majoring in Public Relations and Creative Industries at AUT.

The environment was very new to me and I didn’t know anyone in my course, so I pretty much had to start from scratch in terms of making new friends and connections. AUT provided a great environment for me to do that. The staff in my programme were helpful and provided advice and assistance where needed, and they were very encouraging of the friendships and good relationships between students, whether you are a local or international student. In my year, there was a large group of international students and there were student clubs and initiatives that also encouraged international students to get together and make new friends, forming a good support system.

I am very thankful for my experience in AUT and highly recommend it as a provider of higher education.

Anastasia, Russia Russia

fotonastya I came to Auckland, New Zealand, in 2012 to improve my English and get prepared for Academic IELTS exam.

The preparation course at Unitec was an excellent option for me as Unitec has an award-winning IELTS Test Centre at Mt Albert campus. I enjoyed the small class of just 6 students from various countries and wonderful teacher from Croatia with 30 years of teaching experience. It was an intense course which I immersed myself into fully and as a winning result I got 8.0 at IELTS test!

I highly recommend Unitec school and KIWIZONE as a first step to your success in New Zealand.

Clara, Germany Germany

Clara Testimonial - KIWIZONE

Hello everyone! My name is Clara and I am German/Spanish. If you’re interested in learning English, I highly recommend coming to New Zealand.

I have been studying English and French for the same amount of years. I could speak English fluently only three months after arriving in New Zealand and making friends with kiwis, while my French is still very broken (I think I’ll have to live in France for a while…) It isn’t very difficult to make friends either, since kiwis are very friendly and open-minded for the most part! Especially in Auckland, you can find people from all over the world and everybody is welcomed. You are guaranteed to find people just like you with the same interests!

I started studying at the University of Auckland two years ago, which has been the best decision I could’ve made. I enrolled in a conjoint degree (Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts), studying Psychology, Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Anthropology, French, and other subjects.

The University of Auckland has an extensive list of clubs where you can connect with people that share your passion, whilst making friends and learning English. Personally, I met some of my best friends through clubs. Teachers in New Zealand are very willing to help you succeed in your studies and there are also many student services to help you with anything you could possibly need.

I really enjoy living in Auckland because it offers all the advantages of a big city (e.g. free open-air cinema during summer!) whilst only being a short drive away from beaches and regional parks. One of my favourite places to escape to is One Tree Hill, a beautiful park located in midst of the busy city atmosphere.

New Zealand has changed my life and opened so many opportunities and I hope to have given you a little insight of what you could expect if you decide to travel all the way to this beautiful country. I hope you get to experience it for yourself and return to your country with memorable stories to tell to your family and friends! I can confidently say that I consider myself trilingual by now. If you’re main interest is to learn the language, you will find that your skills will drastically improve by immersing yourself into the kiwi culture.

Dean, China China

DeanI arrived in Wellington since early of 2003. The most beautiful place lasts me to study and work for last 12 years.

As it is the southernmost capital in the world, you will enjoy a lot different things here. The Te Papa national museum collects the biggest squid in the word. The cable car links the city to Victoria University.

Most important thing, if you are a coffee lover, Welly will be a heaven for you. Here are heaps of cafes around, every meter you can find them with different styles. Hobbit, Peter Jackson are located in Wellington, sometimes we call the city as Wellywood.

My dream was to be educated under a premium university. Victoria University of Wellington certainly is my dream place. The university has few schools including business, science, design, education, etc. There are a lot Victorian style buildings for your visiting. As an accounting student, I feel so lucky that I could be educated by a former president of New Zealand Institution of Chartered Accountants; few partners from big four; even on senior policy consultant of the IRD. These lecturers made a strong knowledge for my accounting background.

I trust you will like to study with Victoria University and enjoy living in Wellington.